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Meeting Reports
photo of Hawkesbury Monument.
photo of Hawkesbury Monument..
photo of Hawkesbury Monument.
Hawkesbury and Horton WI
Reports of Mettings
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Record of the Meeting held on 1st November 2016
Our President, Betty Salthouse, welcomed members to the Annual meeting. Business started in the singing of “Jerusalem” accompanied by Julia Sainsbury, on piano.

Tea rota draw: Alison Barnett and Julia Sainsbury.

Minutes from the previous month was agreed and signed.

National: As our WI is to provide a delegate to the 2017 National AGM on 7th June 2017 in Liverpool. Members were asked if anyone was interested. Liz Howard put her name forward.

Federation: Members who attended the Group meeting last month at Chipping Sodbury enjoyed their evening, the speaker was brilliant, speaking on her topic of singing and playing the ukulele. They also agreed the food that was put on was very enjoyable.

Cinema: list available.

Christmas Meal: 14th December 7pm, 7.30pm sit down at The Cross Hands, Old Sodbury. Jean Shewry would be collecting the money as well as organising menu options, payment of £18.00. Includes a £1.00 tip, cheques to be made payable to Hawkesbury and Horton WI.

Bursary list: names of members that have not already won would go into a draw. This is to be drawn at the December meeting.

Christmas Walk: Wednesday 7th Dec. Finishing at Beech Lane Farm, courtesy of Mr & Mrs Weaver, where soup and puds with tea and coffee will be available. A list will be available.

Carol Service: An invitation has been received from Chipping Sodbury WI for Monday 12th Dec. at 7.30pm at Chipping Sodbury Baptist Church.

Remembrance Sunday: Members were asked if anyone would like to represent our WI to lay the wreath on Sunday 13th Nov. Sue Webb would represent us.

December meeting: Gill Truebody would be providing her excellent mulled wine. A notice would be sent round for members to provide puddings, for sharing. The committee would not be proving puddings! It was decided that tea and coffee would be available. Members were encouraged to bring something to read. There would be some readings for some members to read.

Betty Salthouse asked Gill Truebody to give her treasures report. She explained some items on the report. Peter Kirby did the audit of the accounts and would be happy to do next years. The accounts were proposed by Pat Sherry and seconded by Barbara Harvey. Everyone agreed. The only thing is that Gill would be doing the accounts for one more year.
Carol Blaken gave her report, which will be enclosed.
Betty Salthouse gave her report which will also be in the minute book.
The appointment of President was taken over by Janet Porter. Firstly Betty Salthouse “stepped down”. Members were asked if anyone was willing to stand. Betty Salthouse was nominated; no-one else wanted the post. Betty Salthouse accepted the post, but would only stand for one more year.
All the present committee was willing to stand. There were no other nominations.
Melanie Gibbs stood up, on behalf of members, thanked the committee for all their hard work and appreciated all they did.
With all proceedings over the raffle was drawn.

The meeting continued with “hands on crafts” organized by Gill Truebody. These were felt decorations that will be put on the Christmas tree being displayed in St. Mary’s Church at Christmas. Pat Sherry thanked Gill on behalf of members for putting the craft evening together.

The flower of the month was won by Judy Chancellor with a Kaffir Lily.

The evening finished with tea, coffee and biscuits.



Record of the Meeting held on 4th October 2016
Our President, Betty Salthouse, welcomed members to this month’s meeting. The minutes were agreed and signed. Carol Blaken apologised for the lateness of the minutes, there was extra hard copies for those who hadn’t had time to read them.

Tea Rota: Margaret Plummer and Pauline Cochrane.

National: It was pointed out that Denman always wants support with fundraising or help with events.

Next Year’s AGM will be in Liverpool on 7th & 8th June 2017. Next year we are the delegate for our group, although a member of our WI has attended for the last 2 years as no one from the nominated WI has been able to attend. So if anyone would like to attend, contact a committee member.

Federation: Gill Truebody attended the recent AGM at BAWA in Filton, Bristol. She gave a short report on the day’s activities. There were some good speakers. Gill encouraged members to attend future meetings as they have some very good entertainment. The main speaker at this event was Mandy Hickson, who was the first fighter pilot in the RAF. Group meeting: There were still tickets available for Thursday 13th October.

Our Business: Book Group is reading “Evelina” by Fanny Burney meeting at Hilary Rogers at 8pm. Cinema: list available. Gill Truebody and Liz Howard organized a walk around Oxford on 29th September. Those who went thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks were given to both. Raffle: It was decided to hold the raffle after the vote of thanks. This month’s raffle would be the 3 arrangements done by this month’s speaker. Christmas meal: 14th Dec. The venue chosen was a 2 course meal at The Cross Hands.

November’s meeting is Hands-on Craft. Gill Truebody is planning this. This will tie in with the event being held at St. Mary’s Church as they are holding the Tree Festival again. The theme is Christmas Carols.

Quiz: Betty reminded the members attending the quiz to return the trophy they won last year.

This month’s speaker was Vicki Veasey. She was standing in for Pat Downes who was on holiday. Vicky produced 3 Christmas arrangements, which were then put in the raffle. The vote of thanks was given by Betty Salthouse.

The flower competition was won by Wendy Weaver with a Narine.



Record of the Meeting held on 5th July 2016
Our President, Betty Salthouse, welcomed members to our last general meeting before the summer break.

The minutes from the garden meeting in June were approved and signed.

The tea rota was then drawn and Sue Webb and Liz Hemmingway were nominated.

National: Our delegate for the AFWI AGM at Brighton gave a brief report on her time at Brighton. The full report will be sent out. A lot of her account can be found also in the latest copy of WI Life.

Federation: members were encouraged to read and take away with them the latest Avon News.

Our Business:
Book Club: Members are reading “A God in Every Stone” by Kamila Shamsie and will discuss on Tuesday July 12th @ 8pm meeting at Pat Seabrook’s.

Cinema: a list for 7th July, she will book tickets if notified although she will be away!

The Garden meeting held last month was a great event, with good weather for us to look around a lovely garden. The quiz supplied by out host was a good excuse to explore the garden. Members were also thanked for providing the refreshments. Thanks was also said for the Methodist Hall for allowing us to borrow some tables and the Gardening Club for the use of the urn.

Hilary Rogers and Wendy Weaver recently went, as visitors, to Rangeworthy Senior Citizen’s Party. They told members of the lovely refreshments that they had as well as the entertainment that was put on.

A review of the recent tea party held was a good success and a good money earner. Thanks to Hilary and her team for doing a “good job”. Members were asked if we could go ahead to purchase either some material or ready-made tablecloths for any tea parties in the future. This was agreed.

Members were reminded that there would be a “show table” meeting on Tuesday 26th July at Wendy Weaver’s home at 7 o’clock and would those attending please bring teapots and cake stands so that heights can be gauged.

Members going on the Weymouth trip on Monday 11th July should meet on the Plain at 8.15am.Bring a pack lunch with them to eat on the train.

Members were asked that if they have changed their e-mail address please give details to Carol Blaken.

With business finished Betty introduced our speaker, Debbie Young, to members. Her theme was Reading, Past, Present and Future. Giving some history and up to present day.
The flower competition was won by Wendy Weaver with a Day Lily.
Louise Roberts provided some “fizz and soft drinks” to toast her friend Helen on her coming marriage.
Raffle, tea, coffee and biscuits was also provided, which brought the meeting to a close.



Record of the Meeting held on 3rd May 2016
In the absence of Betty Salthouse, the Meeting was taken by Barbara Harvey who welcomed everyone and especially Wendy Peacock who had returned as a guest. Apologies were received from Betty Salthouse, Di Deacon, Carol Blaken and Hilary Rogers, and the Minutes from the previous Meeting were then signed as being a correct record. Barbara Harvey then confirmed the sad news of the death of Sally McConnell and a minutes silence was observed to give members time to think of Sally. The tea rota was then drawn and Pat Sherry and Yvonne Bird were nominated.

Federation: The Avon News had been received and Barbara asked members to take time to read it and also to take it home with them rather than leaving it behind on their seats as usually happened. Barbara also confirmed that several members had attended the Group Meeting in Chipping Sodbury Town Hall which had been a pleasant evening with good entertainment. She also reminded members that it would be our turn next year to host the two Group Meetings and thought needed to be given to entertainment, food etc, in the near future.

Our Business: The Meeting at Horton had gone well and a letter of thanks had been received on behalf of the Great Western Air Ambulance for the monies raised by their speaker at Horton, totalling £173.25 including bucket collection and raffle proceeds, the fees for his talk and merchandise sales. A card giving thanks had also been received from Ann Greenhaugh who had been selling raffle tickets for the lovely quilt she had made in aid of charity and had raised £54 on the night of our Meeting. Barbara then confirmed that our team had won the Marshfield Quiz Night out of approx. 40 teams, with Jenny Harris, Pat Seabrook, Pat Sherry and Barbara Harvey comprising the winning team.

Book Group: The next meeting had now been changed to 17th May at 8.00pm at Pat Sherry’s home, reading “Hearts & Minds” by Amanda Craig.

Cinema Club: Pat Seabrook provided a list of three forthcoming films and asked members who wished to attend to attach their names to the list.

Garden Meeting: This would take place at “Collyn’s Mead”, home of Sally Macfadyen, and in the event of rain the Methodist Chapel had been booked for 7.00pm – 9.30pm.

Hawkesbury Show: Members were reminded that Show Day was fast approaching and asked for volunteers to get involved in creating an entry for the Carnival parade, either a walking group or a motorised version, as Committee members were involved elsewhere on the day and unable to organise this.

Barbara confirmed that Carol Blaken, Di Deacon, Gill Truebody and Jean Shewry had now returned all the WI equipment to the new cupboards in the recently renovated village hall kitchen, after these items had been stored in Carol Blaken’s garage whilst the work was undertaken.

Resolutions: Barbarba Harvey then read out the two Resolutions up for discussion regarding Dementia and Food Waste. She also followed this up with information on both Resolutions which had been provided to us by Avon Federation. The two Resolutions were then opened up to Members for discussion and several ladies provided very useful information on both topics. After debate, a vote was taken on the Resolution for “Food Waste” and Sue Hope moved to accept it, this was seconded by Melanie Gibbs and it was carried with 25 for, no abstentions and no against. A vote was then taken for the “Dementia” Resolution with Wendy Weaver moving to accept, seconded by Sue Webb, and it was carried with 20 for, and 7 abstentions. Melanie Gibbs asked that our delegate be allowed discretion to listen to the debate and vote accordingly on our behalf.

A.O.B: Pat Sherry reminded us that the Gardening Club were holding their annual Plant Sale this coming Saturday between 10-12.00 . Mary Beresford also reminded us of the Flower Festival coming up shortly at St Marys.

There being no further business, Barbara Harvey welcomed Margaret Geiss to give her very entertaining talk on “Hats with Tales”.



Record of the Meeting held on 5th April 2016
Betty Salthouse, our President, welcomed members to Horton Village Hall. She thanked Lyn Edwards for opening up and helping with the chairs and refreshments.

As our speaker, from the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, had a long distance to get home, we listened to him first with our business to follow.
Following his interesting talk he circulated his “charity bucket” around the members. It was also decided to add the raffle money to the collection as well. Lyn Edwards gave the vote of thanks.

Our business: the minutes from last month’s meeting was agreed and signed.

National: The two resolutions going to the AGM
a) Appropriate care in hospital for people with dementia
b) Avoid food waste and address food poverty
These are to be discussed at the May meeting. Also at the May meeting there will be a competition “make a fascinator”.

Federation: A reminder was given for the “Spring Walk” around Wickwar, more information can be found in April’s issue of the Avon News.

The Group meeting on April 21st at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, there is still tickets available from Hilary Rogers. Our WI will be selling the raffle tickets at this event.

The Annual Quiz at Marshfield is being represented by the following Jenny Harris, Pat Seabrook, Pat Sherry and Barbara Harvey; this is being held on April 15th.

Book Group: reading “Funny Girl” by Nick Hornby, meeting on April 12th at 8pm at Jean Dowlands.

Cinema: list available.

Betty Salthouse encouraged members to fill in the survey in WI Life Magazine in March issue, although the deadline was really close it would give members their say about the magazine.

Date for your diary: Monday 11th July - A trip to Weymouth on the train.

After the business Betty Salthouse introduced, Ann Greenhalgh, from Cromhall WI. She brought with her a king sized patchwork quilt that she had made. She has connections with the charity “Clink”. The quilt was made for a Grand Quilt draw to support two community schools in the townships of Lusaka, Gambia. Members bought raffle tickets for the draw which will take place sometime in May.

The flower competition was won by Judy Chancellor with a double headed daffodil.

The evening came to close with tea, coffee, and the raffle.



Record of the Meeting held on 1st March 2016
Our President, Betty Salthouse, welcomes members and visitors from Sodbury Vale Group and Avon Federation Chairman Donna Butcher to our annual birthday party. We then stood for the singing of “Jerusalem”.

Hilary Rogers and Carol Blaken were thanked for making and decorating the birthday cake. As well as members for providing the refreshments and fruit punch.

Minutes from the previous month was agreed and signed.

The programme for the evening was to be kept short. The announcement for the Spring Meeting to be held at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall on 17th March from 7.30pm, everyone should have their tickets. Those helping should be at the venue for 6pm.

Federation: A local walk will be held from Wickwar to be run by Linda Sellars on 13th April, look in Avon News for further details.

Our Business: Book group will be meeting at Pat Seabrooks on 8th March at 8pm reading Heartbreak Hotel by Deborah Moggach.

Our Cinema: list available

Marshfield WI annual quiz on 15th April team to be gathered.

Show Table for Hawkesbury Show was discussed.

Our Outings: It was announced that a trip to Weymouth on proposed date of Monday 11th July, details to follow.

Gill Truebody has details of the 200 club, a fundraiser for Avon Fed, you pay £5 a year to join. The draw is drawn each month with a chance to win.

We have a new helper for putting out and putting away the chairs and tables, Sean White.

With the business over Betty introduced our entertainment for the evening pianist Richard Lennox and singer Sarah Bridal with music from shows, jazz and popular songs. The piano has never sounded so good which was specially tuned for the evening. The vote of thanks was given by Mary Beresford.

Before the end of the evening members were reminded that next months’ meeting would be held at Horton Village Hall, anyone wanting a lift please contact a member of the committee.

The evening came to an end with the raffle, tea, coffee and the rest of the refreshments. The flower of the month competition was won by Louise Roberts with a miniature daffodil.



Record of the Meeting held on 2nd February 2016


Record of the Meeting held on 5th January 2016


Record of the Meeting held on 1st December 2015
Our President welcomed members to the December Christmas meeting. Mulled wine or soft drinks were available to members. Betty Salthouse welcomed Kay back as well as Louise Roberts and Cath Harkness.

Members approved and signed Novembers’ minutes.

Tea Rota: Jennifer Oldershaw and Pat Seabrook.

Nationa: Betty Salthouse brought it to members’ notice that in this month’s WI Life magazine was next years’ resolutions. There are 8 of them to “look over” so that we can vote on them next year. They cover health, the environment and food production, slips from the magazine to be returned at January’s meeting.
Also subscriptions have been increased to £37.50p.

Our Business:
Denman Draw: This was drawn by our speaker, Sally Macfadyen, the Bursary of £200, for a course at Denman College or £100 somewhere else. The name drawn was Gill Truebody. Well done.

Several members attended the recent tree planting at Dyrham Park. The trees planted were a Sweet Chestnut, to celebrate WI 100 years and a Beech to celebrate Avon WI’s 40 years.

Members were asked for a volunteer to “take over” doing the WI scrapbook as Chris Taylor has given it up.

Book Group: reading “The Fever Tree” by Jennifer McVeigh. Readers are to meet at Pat Sherry’s on Dec. 8th at 8pm.

The annual Christmas walk to Beech Lane Farm, are to meet on the Plain at 10.30am on Monday 14th Dec. Soup and Puds for refreshments at a cost of £3.

The tree decorations for the “Light of the World” service, on Dec.24th, have been made by a small group of members. The tree will be decorated on the Tuesday before the 24th Dec. An email will be sent.

Reminder of local Carol Services: December 7th at 7.30pm at St.Mary’s Church, Yate. December 16th at 7.30pm at Coalpit Heath.

Christmas Dinner on 15th December at “The Cross Hands Hotel” 7-7.30pm. 26 members have signed up. Anyone unable to arrange a lift is to contact a committee member.

The annual competition and flower of the month winners were announced: Competition winner…..Melanie Gibbs.
Flower of the month…..Wendy Weaver and Judy Chancellor.

New Programme for next year hopefully will have plenty to entertain and inspire, beginning with John and Lucy Ruthern on filming British Wildlife and Swimming with Sharks.

Business over, our speaker Sally Macfadyen on Windsor Castle. They were there for 5 years.

Emma Sainsbury accompanied on piano by Julia, her Mum, entertained us with the singing of some Christmas Carols.

Results of “Flower of the Month” were won by Betty Salthouse with “Lady’s Mantle”.
The competition of a “verse for a Christmas card” was won by Margaret Plummer, these points will start towards next year’s winners.



Record of the Meeting held on 3rd November 2015

Our President Betty Salthouse welcomed members and visitor, Kay from Hillesley.

The evening started with Julia Sainsbury at the piano accompanying members singing Jerusalem.

Betty Salthouse reminded members of the fire exits and assembly point in the car park.

The Tea Rota was drawn: Jenny Harris and Liz Howard.

The minutes of 6th October were agreed and signed.

National: Next year’s AGM will be held in Brighton on 11th June. Our representative will be a member from Almondsbury WI.

Federation: Donna Butcher, Federation Chairman, presented Betty Salthouse with the Quiz Shield. This was won recently. Members that represented us were Jenny Harris, Pat Seabrook, Sue Hope and Barbara Harvey. Each member will take charge of the trophy for 3 month’s each.

Members enjoyed the entertainment “Dixie Belles”, at Iron Acton’s Group meeting but the magician was rather tame!!! The members who attended were rather disappointed with refreshments especially as there was no tea or coffee on offer!!

The competition of a decorated poem “celebrating the WI Centenary” was won by Betty Salthouse.

Our Business:
Book Group: now reading “Academy Street” by Mary Costello, meeting at Pat Seabrook’s home on 10th November at 8pm.

Cinema: As Pat Seabrook wasn’t attending the meeting, if anyone wanted to go this week they should contact Pat by email or by phone.

Christmas Meal: Gill Truebody was collecting final payments as well as their meal option. Date decided is 15th December at “The Cross Hands” 7 for 7.30pm.

Our Annual Christmas Walk to Wendy Weaver’s on 14th December, with some members providing puddings. Those walking should meet on the Plain at 10.30am.

Decorating a Christmas tree for “Light of the World” Service at St. Mary’s on 24th December at 5pm. Our chosen Carol is “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” in the St. Wulfan's window. A workshop will be held soon, “watch this place”.

With Rememberance Sunday on 8th November a representative was asked for to lay the poppy wreath for us, Sue Herod volunteered. This will be on the Plain for 10.30am.

Our December meeting will be our Christmas one. Help with decorating the hall was asked for, they would help the committee, and meeting at 3pm. Members were reminded of the competition which is “a verse for a Christmas card”.

With the business over it was over to the Annual Meeting. Proceedings started with the Secretary’s report. This will be included with these minutes. Following this was the Treasurer’s report. She answered questions put to her.
Next was the President’s report, this with her winning poem will be included as well. Next was the appointment of a new President as Betty Salthouse had to “step down”. Janet Porter took over this appointment. Betty Salthouse was appointed with Wendy Weaver seconding it. There were no other candidates. Betty Salthouse took up her post.
Next was the formation of the new committee, existing members were happy to remain although Chris Taylor was standing down due to personal reasons. As there were no other nominations the present committee was re-elected.

Betty Salthouse now introduced the night’s speakers Mike and Linda Reeves, their subject was “backpacking in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands”. The vote of thanks was given by Sue Webb.

The flower of the month was won by Wendy Weaver with a “Nerine”.



Record of the Meeting held on 6th October 2015

National: members were reminded of a visit to Denman College 22-24 April. Places to be booked by end of October.

Avon Federation: 3 members attended the Federation AGM at Thornbury in September; our delegate Gill Truebody gave a short report. Donna Butcher, Federation Chairman had highlighted some events that had taken place this year. All the bras that had been collected at our meeting had been taken to this meeting. The money collected would be donated to the Great Western Ambulance charity. At the meeting Betty Salthouse was presented to Hawkesbury and Horton WI for winning the Federation Quiz. Those who took place Jenny Harris, Barbara Harvey, Pat Seabrook and Sue Hope. Also a card of congratulation was received on our WI’s 85 year anniversary.

Our Business: The Group meeting at Iron Acton on 26th October has 10 members going. Members were reminded to meet on the Plain at 6.40pm; those from Sodbury would make their own way. The competition for this meeting is to be a decorated poem celebrating the WI Centenary.

Members wishing to attend the “Plant a tree” at Dyrham Park to mark WI Centenary were reminded to book their cream tea, if wanted. The committee recommended we support the Cotswold Way walk by Jim O’Brien and Dave Anderson with a donation of £50. They covered the 102 miles in 29 hours. Members agreed with the committee.

Christmas meal: The date decided on would be Dec. 15th at 7pm at The Cross Hands. Members proposed that the date for 2016 Christmas meal maybe voted on at the September 2016 meeting.

Book Group: they are reading “Enchanted April” by Elizabeth Von-Arnim meeting at Jean Dowland’s at 8pm on 13th October.

Cinema: a list was available.

Our November Annual Meeting: Betty Salthouse made a firm request for anyone willing to stand for committee. There is a need for some of the younger members with new ideas as well as new energy to join.

AOB: Pat Seabrook asked if there were any requests about the WI Life Magazine that members receive as part of their subscription, as her daughter was looking at what and how it was presented.

The speaker this month was Mary Hinton, hedgehog warden for “Help a hedgehog Hospital” for Tetbury. Many members had brought with them donations of food for Mary to take away. Pat Sherry gave the vote of thanks.

Flower of the month was won by Wendy Weaver with a Rudbeckia. The evening finished with tea, coffee and raffle.



Record of the Meeting held on 1st September 2015
National: Members were reminded of the MShed Craft Exhibition on the 19/20 September. All were encouraged to visit.

Federation: The Autumn Group Meeting is to be held at Iron Acton on Monday 26th October. The entertainment is the “Dixie Belles” and a Magician. There will be a competition for a decorated poem celebrating the WI Centenary, any length. Tickets on sale, priced £6.50. available from Hilary Rogers.

On September 29th AFWI AGM at Thornbury: Bras brought to the meeting will be taken, in aid of Charity Great Western Air Ambulance. If members had forgotten their bras they can be delivered to Carol Blaken’s before 29th.

Our Business:
Show Table: the President thanked all those who had taken part. Pauline Cochran for her beautiful cross stitch picture, Judy Chancellor for her felt mice, Pat Sherry for the carrot cake, Hilary Rogers for the iced carrots, Liz Howard for the itemized list, Gill Truebody for sourcing and setting up the table with the blue cloth. Also Terry, Gill’s husband for making the wooden support, without team work it wouldn’t have come off.
Results as follows: 1st Old Sodbury 2nd Hawkesbury and Horton 3rd Coalpit Heath and 4th Rangeworthy.
Carnival: “The Gurt Big WI Allotment Challenge” Gill Truebody for her decorated wheelbarrow, Liz Howard for the banner. Betty Salthouse, Wendy Weaver, Melanie Gibbs, Angie Chilcott, Gill Truebody and Liz Howard for taking part.

Book Group: At Sandra Bishop’s house on 8th September at 8pm, reading “The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton.

Cinema: list available

Walking Group: As this has now stopped Liz Howard suggested that perhaps we hold 2/3 a year for those who would like to attend.

Members were asked if anyone would like to be considered for the new committee.

Members were told that Margaret Plummer’s poem would be in Septembers Parish Magazine.

AOB: Gill Truebody asked members if they thought it a good idea to purchase a slate tile on our WI’s behalf for the new roof at Durham Park House at a cost of £25. Members agreed. Gill would see into this.

With business over Betty introduced our speaker Martin Horler and his wife Francis. His topic was “Royal Mail Guard” circa 1820. The vote of thanks was given by Liz Howard.

The competition of a “design a post card” was won by  Wendy Weaverand the flower of the month was won by Betty Salthouse with a sweet pea.



Record of the Meeting held on 7th July 2015
Members were welcomed to this month’s meeting by the President. The minutes were approved and signed.

Tea Rota. Ellen Callaghan and Julia Sainsbury’s names were drawn.

National Business: Di Wood from Thornbury WI was our delegate at the National AGM at The Albert Hall. A short report was sent from her, Betty Salthouse read this out. A few members went to Alveston to watch the “live feed” from London.

Alison Barnett and Angie Chilcott were lucky enough to go to the WI Centenary Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. Alison gave a short report on the day’s proceedings, but did say it was a shame that the Queen couldn’t have been there, but the Duchess of Cornwall and the Countess of Wessex were the hosts to 7000 WI ladies. Although rather windy, with many hats flying off, the day was a very special day.

Federation: The Avon Federation Thanksgiving Service at Bath Abbey, to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the WI and the 40th Anniversary of Avon Federation was attended by Betty Salthouse and Gill Truebody. The winners of the Centenary Choir, The Bleadon Belles also sang.

Our Business: An invitation from Rangeworthy WI to attend their annual party was attended by Betty Salthouse and Hilary Rogers.

In the post Carol Blaken received a “pink bag”. This is to collect unwanted bras, to raise funds for the Charity “Great Western Ambulance”. These will be collected at the September meeting, to be taken then to the AGM in Thornbury on 29th September.

Walking Group: The walk at Richard Cornock’s farm was a great success. The last walk organized by Gill Truebody will be held on 21st July from the Plain to Portishead, take coffee having lunch out.

Book Group: Pat Sherry’s house on 14th July at 8pm. Reading “Silent Hangman” by Peter Lovesey.

Show Table: this will be at Di Deacon’s house on 28th July at 7.30pm. This is to discuss final arrangements for the table as well as the Carnival entry, “The WI Gurt Big Allotment Challenge”, volunteers are needed. We will need to meet at Betty’s house at 1pm on Show day.

With business sorted our speaker for the evening, Ila Shrimanker began, “How To Wear A Sari”. She brought many with her, with some members having a go at wearing one. Margaret Plummer gave the vote of thanks.

Flower of the Month was won by Wendy Weaver with a polyanthus. The evening closed with tea, coffee and the raffle.



Record of the Meeting held on 5th May 2015
The President welcomed members to this month’s meeting.

Tea Rota was drawn, Judy Chancellor and Melanie Gibbs.

The minutes were agreed, with a date amendment, and then signed.

Federation: reminder that the M-Shed exhibits are to be judged at Old Sodbury on Sat.16th May, entries in by 9.30am with viewing from 2pm. Refreshments available.

Our Business: Group meeting was held at Iron Acton. A very good evening with excellent hosts and food. The entertainment was the “Actonians” with three short plays. Different this year was that the Secretary’s reports were pinned up to read. It was suggested that each WI should be issued with copies to take away. An idea taken from one WI was a “Christmas Hamper” raffle.

Walking group: An excellent walk last month from Stonehouse to Selsley and back was led by Val Hurlston-Gardiner. This month’s walk is on 19th May.

Book Group: now reading “The Amateur Marriage” by Anne Tyler meeting at Sue Hope’s on 12th May at 8pm.

Cinema: list available.

Walking Treasure Hunt: On May 11th meeting on the Plain at 1pm, with tea and cake back at Wendy Weaver’s.

Garden meeting: June 2nd with a reminder to bring a chair, mug and a plate of food for an “American Supper”. Tea and coffee will be provided. Please organize car sharing.

Farm Walk: Tuesday 23rd June at 7pm prompt at Richard Cornock’s farm, Tytherington. Cost of £4, please pay promptly.

Show table: another meeting to be arranged to finalize details.

Carnival Entry: “March of the Penguins” is being considered, with an evening workshop to make the heads. Other ideas can be considered as well.

The Resolution was discussed next, the motion was:
“This meeting calls for HM government to remove the distinction between nursing care and personal care in the assessment of the needs of individuals, in order to advance health and well being”.

A discussion was held and then voted on. In principle the vote was carried with one abstention, but to mention to our delegate that the motion needed clarity. Also to let the delegate when she has listened to all sides to trust in what she had heard and to vote accordingly to how we voted. Carol Blaken was to contact our delegate.

Following the resolution discussion a “Beetle Drive” took place.

Flower of the month was won by Judy Chancellor with a “bleeding heart”.

There was an “Upcycling Competition” which was won by Melanie Gibbs, who made a BBQ apron.

The meeting closed with the remnants of the birthday cake, coffee, tea and raffle.



Record of the Meeting held on 9th April 2015
Our President welcomed members to Horton Village Hall. She also welcomed some visitors, Jane Kendall, Pat Tiley and Emma Cordy-Rugman. It was lovely to come and visit Horton.

As we were in Horton Village Hall Lynn Edwards volunteered to make the teas etc. Her name to be removed from the tin when next in Hawkesbury! Some other members did help as well. The birthday cake was sliced and offered to members. There wasn’t time at last month’s meeting to eat it.

Minutes from the previous meeting was agreed and signed.
Matters Arising:
Buckingham Palace Garden Party: Another ticket had been made available to the committee. Those who had put their name forward were contacted, a further ballot was held with Alison Barnett winning that ticket. As with Angie Chillcott her ticket would be financed by the “member’s fund”.

Our President was the delegate at last month’s Spring Meeting in Weston-super-Mare. A copy of her report will be in the Record book for any member to look at if required.

Group Meeting: Iron Acton on April 9th. Drivers to be arranged with those attending. Barbara Harvey would be doing the general vote of thanks.

Walking Group: April 21st Stonehouse to Selsey, leaving the Plain at 10am with picnic lunch and coffee. Gill Truebody confirmed that the July walk would be her last as numbers have dropped severely, and that the walk would be in Portishead.
Chipping Sodbury WI walk to Marshfield is on Wed. 15th April.

Book Group: Meeting at Pat Sherry’s on 14th April at 8pm. They’re reading “Elizabeth is Missing” by Emma Healey. It was announced that “World Book Night” was being held in “The Fox” authors including Katie FForde, Liz Howard and others. Quite a few members including some from the book group would be attending.

Cinema: list was available.

Show Table: meeting arranged for Monday 13th April at 7pm. At Betty Salthouse’s to discuss basic arrangements.

Walking Treasure Hunt: this is arranged for Monday 11th May meeting at 1pm with tea and cake at Wendy Weavers, names to Chris Taylor.

It was announced that the June Garden Party would be held at Melanie Gibbs in Hillesley.

The recent Pie and Pea evening, that members helped with the food and serving, raised money for the Senior Citizen fund raised £600. Thanks was expressed to those who helped.

The WI raffle tickets were now available.

The AGM at the Royal Albert Hall on Thursday June 4th can be seen via a “live feed” at St. Helen’s Church, names by the end of the month.

Marshfield Quiz: Barbara Harvey confirmed we had come second again!! 30 teams attended. Thanks are due to Barbara Harvey, Jenny Harris, Pat Seabrook and Julie Law.

Gill Truebody recently took craft materials to WI house. These were then taken to Denman and sold. This raised over £22,000 from all the donated craft materials.

The speaker for the evening was our own Chris Taylor, assisted by her daughter with “Up-cycling”. She seems not to throw much away, making aprons from old curtains for example. I can see an apron making workshop happening!!!!

Flower of the month was won by Lynn Edwards with a purple Fritillary. The evening finished with the raffle, tea, coffee and birthday cake.



Record of the Meeting held on 3rd March 2015
Our President welcomed Donna Butcher our Federation President, also members from other WI’s to our 85th birthday party. The theme for the evening is of the 1940’s. Betty thanked everyone who contributed to the buffet with a special thanks to Hilary Rogers and Carol Blaken for the cake.

Jerusalem was sung accompanied by Julia Sainsbury on piano. The minutes were agreed and signed.

It was decided that the committee would be doing the teas and coffees.

Following on from the invitation to a garden party at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday 2nd June, there will be a ballot tonight for one member to go. Ballot was drawn and Angie Chilcott was the lucky winner. The winner to give a short report afterwards.

Walking group: Meeting on the Plain at 10am on Tuesday 17th March to travel to Frampton Cotterell with a pub lunch.

Book group: Reading Alex Woods verses the Universe, meeting at Jean Dowlands on Tuesday 10th March at 8pm.

Treasure Hunt around Nailsworth will be on 11th May leaving at 1pm, returning to Beech Lane Farm for tea and cake. Details will be available next month.

AFWI EGM being held at Weston-super-Mare on Wed 11th March, Betty Salthouse will be our delegate.

Pie, Pea and Quiz Supper in the Village Hall on 14th March helpers required, please see Gill Truebody. This event is in aid of the Senior Citizens Fund.

Next month’s meeting will be held in Horton Village Hall. Chris Taylor topic will be “Upcycling”. Those coming should bring a pair of kitchen scissors. There will be a Zumba class in before us so we cannot get in the hall till 7.30pm. Anyone needing a lift should contact a committee member.

Group meeting: 9th April at Iron Acton. Lifts etc. will be sorted at next month’s meeting.

With business completed it was over to our entertainment, Juliet Herbert and her team, “The Blitz Buddies”. She commentated on some of the fashions from the 1940’s; some of the outfits were made by the members. Some outfits were made from blankets and parachutes. They joined us for the buffet as well. We ended with songs from that era as well a song from Emma Sainsbury. Janet Porter gave the vote of thanks. Raffle followed.

Flower competition was won by Judy Chancellor.
Competition (1940’s outfit) was won by Melanie Gibbs.



Record of the Meeting held on 3rd February 2015
Our President welcomed everyone to the meeting. Our President noticed that Sue Hope was wearing the scarf and hat that was used on a past show table, she won from a silent auction.

The first point of business was to draw the tea rota, Jenny Harris and Jennifer Oldershaw.

Last months’ minutes were agreed and signed.

Resolution slips were sent off to WI house.

The Group Centenary Dinner was cancelled due to a lack of interest.

The ACWW money box was sent round during the meeting. A decision would be made by the committee as to whether to add to it before sending it off. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

An invitation from Sherston WI inviting us to their Open Meeting on Thursday 16th April, their speaker will be antiques expert Mark Allum. Hopefully we will be successful in getting tickets priced £7.

A walk around Richard Cornock’s Farm, a past speaker, has been arranged for Tuesday 23rd June 2015 at 7pm, details will follow later.

A Treasure Hunt walk around Nailsworth, with a cost of £2. Each to cover expenses. This was explained by Chris Taylor. She was going to enquire to a local WI to see if they would do an “afternoon tea” for us. Details next month.

The theme for the Show Table 2015 was chosen by Rangeworthy WIThe Tales of Beatrix Potter”. It had been suggested that someone should take overall control for this with the preparation and presentation for the show table on the day. Anyone interested to contact Betty Salthouse.

The Poetry, Prose and Puds evening at Betty Salthouse’s on Monday 9th February at 7.30pm. Tea. Coffee and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided but if anyone wants to bring something to drink instead of a pud, they can do so.

The Pea, Pie and Quiz Supper on 14th March at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, tickets £12. In aid of the Senior Citizen Fund is being organized by Liz Howard. We have been asked to do the food, if anyone can help please give your name to Carol Blaken.

Book Group had their post Christmas meal in January at Tetbury. The group is now reading “Longbourne” by Jo Baker. They will be meeting at Pat Seabrooks’ on February 10th 2015 at 8pm.

Walking group, Gill Truebody reported that they had walked around Cromhall in January. Februarys walk on the 17th would be leaving at 9.30am from the Plain for their Bristol walk.

Cinema: list available.

Birthday Party on 3rd March 2015 with a 1940’s theme. Cake stands are required. Food list was circulated again. Members were reminded that the competition is a 1940’s outfit.

Chris Taylor had been in contact with Bromley Heath WI to see how they recruited younger members. Many of them were through “face book”.

Group Rally tickets, £4.50, names were collected for the forthcoming meeting in April.

With business over Betty Salthouse introduced our speaker Nick Eskins from Taste Connections. An interesting talk with slides and some tasters was had.

Flower competition was won by Pat Seabrook with a Hellebore.



Record of the Meeting held on 6th January 2015
Our President, Betty Salthouse, welcomed members to the first meeting of 2015. She also welcomed Jennifer Oldershaw and Pat Sherry as they had recently been poorly.

She reminded members that Gill Truebody and Jean Shewry would be accepting subscriptions of £36 for the forthcoming year. She commented on the new programme with a special mention of a Walking Treasure Hunt, date to be arranged, also a walk round Richard Cornock’s Farm.

Tea Rota: Margaret Plummer and June Hawkins.

Minutes were agreed and signed.

National: members were reminded to let Carol Blaken have the resolution slips by the end of January to then be posted on to WI House.

Federation: 3 entries have been forwarded for the “Art and Craft Exhibition” (Wendy Weaver, Barbara Harvey and Chris Taylor)

ACWW: Members were reminded that contributions to the “Pee in a Pot Fund” would be needed by the February meeting so that it can be forwarded on.

Our Business: The Christmas meal held in December was a great success, a big thank you to Chris Taylor for arranging it even though she could not be there due to illness.

Book Launch: This was also in December and very successful. The WI received a £75 donation from the Writers Group for the catering.

Birthday Party: list was circulated.

Walking Group: Jan. 20th, road walk around Cromhall, meeting on The Plain at 10am. February walk will be Bristol, Clifton Downs and the Suspension Bridge, details at next meeting. Chipping Sodbury walking group was also available.

Book Group: Jan 14th for a post Christmas meal, they may discuss the book “The Perfume Collector” by Kathleen Tessaro.

Cinema: list available.

Poetry, Prose and Puds Evening at Betty Salthouse on 9th February, a list of those going and puds being supplied was available.

Betty Salthouse announced that Rangeworthy WI has chosen the theme for this years’, 2015, show table. “Tales of Beatrix Potter”, the actual wording of this is to be confirmed.

Members were reminded to please take home copies of “The Avon News”, as we do pay for these.

With business over Betty Salthouse introduced our speaker, Pauline Dixon from Severn View Farm, whose subject was “From Court Shoes to Wellies”.

January flower competition was won by Christine Gamlin with a Hellebore.



Record of the Meeting held on 2nd December 2014
Betty Salthouse welcomed members to our Christmas meeting. Mulled wine or fruit juice was available to members on arrival.
The meeting got underway with singing “Jerusalem” accompanied by Julia Sainsbury on piano.
The tea rota was drawn: Liz Hemmingway and Sue Webb.
Members agreed the previous minutes and then signed.

Federation: Entries to the “Arts and Craft” exhibition 2015 are due by the end of December 2014. At present we have 2 entries, Chris Taylor and Barbara Harvey.

A Carol Service at Coalpit Heath WI on Wed. Dec. 17th.

Bursary Draw: This took place with Angie Chilcott being the winner.

Christmas meal: Chris Taylor was collecting any outstanding payments.

Walking group: Our Christmas local walk, meeting on the “Plain” at 10am, coffee and cake being served at Beech Lane Farm hosted by John Weaver.

Book group: Venue has changed due to Pat Sherry’s recent accident. Meeting on Dec. 9th at 8pm at Hilary Roger’s home. Reading “Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler.

Book Launch: Members were reminded that this would be on Sat. Dec. 6th 12-2pm.We would be organizing the food.

Cinema: lists available to forthcoming films.

Members were asked to bring their Resolution slips to the January meeting. Members were also to next year’s subscription of £36.00 will be due January 2015.

A thank you letter was received from “Save the Children” for £66. This money was raised from our lending book box. Thanks to Jennifer Oldershaw for organizing this.

Business was over so Betty Salthouse introduced our evening speaker Lisa Overton (nee White). Her subject was “Holly, Ivy and The National Trust”. Betty Salthouse gave the vote of thanks.
When our speaker finished, members had coffee, tea and mince pies. During the refreshments Julia and her daughter, Emma, played and sang Christmas Carols.

Points from this evening’s entry were added to previous totals. Betty Salthouse announced that Christine Gamlin was the overall competition winner and Judy Chancellor was the overall flower winner. Both received a voucher of £10. to go towards next year’s subscription.

The evening finished with Christmas Carols.



Record of the Meeting held on 4th November 2014

Betty Salthouse welcomed everyone to the meeting, also a visitor Emma Sainsbury.

She reminded members of the FIRE DRILL, fire exits and the assembly point in the car park under the street light.

Tea Rota: Judy Wilkie and Debbie Young were appointed.

Our business: It was noted that an amendment was to be added from last month’s report. Carol Blaken had misunderstood that Betty Salthouse had booked the Pearl Jewellery person for our programme 2016 note that Betty Salthouse had booked herself on the course. With this amendment the minutes were agreed and signed.

Betty Salthouse had asked members if someone would lay the Poppy Wreath at this weekend’s Remembrance Parade. Gill True body volunteered.

At last week’s Group Rally at Frampton Cotterell, 4 blankets were taken (Hilary Rogers, Barbara Harvey, Angie Chillcott and Julia Sainsbury) Julia’s was chosen for our WI. Rangeworthy won the competition. Thanks to those who entered their blankets which were then going to the “Wallace and Grommit” appeal.

Walking Group: meeting 18th Nov. at 9am. Taking cars to the Cheltenham Park and ride, catching the bus into Cheltenham, walking around the town with coffee and lunch there.
Our Dec. 16th walk will be local with coffee at Beech Lane Farm.
Chipping Sodbury WI group walking around Castle Coombe on 12th Nov.

Book Group: 11th Nov. at 8pm at Sandra Bishop’s reading “Mrs. Dalloway” by Virginia Wolfe.

Cinema: list available from Pat Seabrook.

Social Evening: The Poetry, Prose and Puds. Evening has been arranged for Monday 9th Feb. 2015. More details in New Year.

Christmas Meal: Dec. 16th. Chris Taylor taking money etc.

AOB: Jennifer Oldershaw reported that she has sent a cheque to “Save the Children” fund for Ebola for £66. From the book lending library money.

With this part of the evening over we continued straight on with the Annual Meeting.

Proceedings started with the Secretary’s report, from Carol Blaken, this will be attached.
Next the treasurer’s report, from Gill Truebody. Gill went through the financial report, answering any questions. Gill proposed with Pat Sherry seconding it. Gill proposed that Peter Kerby, who had agreed, audit the accounts in 2015, everyone agreed.
Betty Salthouse gave her President’s report, this will be attached. Betty Salthouse then stood down with Janet Porter took over proceedings. She asked members to appoint a President. Betty was asked with everyone seconding it. Betty agreed and then took over the rest of the evening.
The formation of the new committee was next. All existing committee members were still willing to stand. “ names of Wendy Weaver and Barbara Harvey had come forward and were elected on to the new committee.

With this over our speaker was introduced, Judith Laing “Origami”. Everyone managing to make a box, 2 sizes of stars and a Christmas tree. Gill Truebody gave the vote of thanks.

Flower of the month was won by Alison Barnett.



Record of the Meeting held on 7th October 2014

Our President, Betty Salthouse, welcomed members and our visitor Susan Bennett.

The Tea rota was drawn: Pat Seabrook and Barbara Harvey.

The minutes from the September meeting was approved and signed. An alteration of date for the Centenary Dinner was made.

Betty Salthouse announced that on reading October WI Life magazine she has enrolled on a “Pearl Jewellery” course but this is not until 2015. She encouraged members that if they want to do a course at Denman that they should enrol early as places fill very quickly.

The list for this year’s Bursary Draw would be sent round; those who have already won should not apply, giving those who haven’t had a chance.

Barbara Harvey gave a short report on hers and Carol Blaken’s recent visit to Denman ( B/H: Stumpwork embroidery, C/B: cooking for one)

Gill Truebody gave a short report from the AGM at Weston, 4 members took the journey. As usual the tide was out, an enjoyable day was had. An inspiring talk was given by Valerie Stevens, Area President Europe of ACWW. She funded all her trips abroad herself, to see projects funded from “Pennies for Friendship”. A project that Avon has committed AFWI is to raise money for a “water project”.(A suggestion from one of our WI’s) they are asking members to “spend a 1p, or more, for a “Wee” for a week. Members thought that this could be manageable. Watch this space when the committee will choose a week. The guest speaker, in the afternoon, was Mark Stacey, Antique Expert and regular on “Bargain Hunt”. Finishing with the National Anthem.

Betty Salthouse passed her disappointment on the Calendar produced, our photograph was displayed for June 2015 which she felt highlighted the WI, but many of the other pictures were just views. She and others felt a letter to Avon needed to be sent.

The Group Rally, October 27th, there was still 1 ticket available. Travel arrangements will be made later.

Betty Salthouse announced a social evening of Poetry, Prose and Puds. Evening. Date to be decided.

Walking group: 21st October, Tetbury to Westonbirt, approx. 4 miles, meeting at the Plain at 9.15am, catching the bus at Westonbirt, picnic or lunch at a café.
C/S. walking group meeting at Hawkesbury Upton car park on Wed. 15th October at 9.45am.

Book group: 14th October at 8pm at Pat Seabrook’s reading “Empire of the Sun” by J.D. Ballard.

Cinema: list available. Christmas meal: The Fleece in Hillesley, 16th Dec. we would like to know tonight, a list available.

Committee: with the forthcoming AGM next month, anyone interested in joining the committee, please come forward.

AOB. Our quiz team of Pat Sherry, Pat Seabrook, Betty Salthouse and Barbara Harvey recently went to Timsbury and came 4th. (1st Chew Magna, 2nd Rangeworthy, 3rd Wrington)

With business over Betty Salthouse introduced our speaker, Richard Cornock, “Life as a Dairy Farmer in South Glos.” Angie Chillcott gave the vote of thanks.

Flower of the month was won by Judy Chancellor, with a penstemon.



Record of the Meeting held on 2nd September 2014
Our President, Betty Salthouse welcomed members back from the summer break.

Tea Rota was drawn, Alison Barnett and Christine Gamlin.

Minutes from the previous meeting were agreed and signed.

Show Table:
Those members that took part were duly thanked, Chris Taylor with her embroidery box, Hilary Rogers for the decorated cake, Gill Truebody with the jam, Mary Beresford for doing the flower arrangement and Liz Howard for decorating the card, although we came 3rd, with “Sweeny Todd”, Rangeworthy came 1st, with Old Sodbury coming 2nd. Both WI’s choosing “The Lion King” for their entry, and Coalpit Heath coming 4th with “Oh What a Lovely War”.
Thanks also went to all those members that took part in the walking group, their entry was “Votes for Women” they took 2nd place, blue rosette awarded.
Mary Beresford brought up the show table rules, on how all WI’s entering should be sent them with the schedule so that everyone knows them. Betty Salthouse said that this would be discussed at the next committee meeting.

Group Rally:
We have 10 tickets to sell for Monday 27th October Crossbow House Frampton Cotterell.

30”x30” knitted blanket as well as a handmade card 6x4. Please bring with you to next month’s meeting.
Donna Butcher will be judging these.

Margaret Plummer’s poem “What my WI means to me” has been short listed with 2 others to go forward to National, good luck!!!

Thanks also went to Liz Howard for hosting a successful Pizza Evening.

There is also an “Art’s and Craft Exhibition” 2015. Anyone interested and not seen the schedule please see committee member. Exhibits need to be with our group rep. by December 31st 2014. These will be on show at the Mshed in September 2015.

There is to be a Centenary Dinner on 16th July 2015 at Acorn Restaurant, Winterbourne, price £25. Anyone interested see Hilary Rogers.

The Avon Federation AGM in Weston-super-Mare, Gill Treubody and Carol Blaken will be going, anyone who hasn’t ordered Diaries, calendars and mugs to add their name to the new list.

Walking Group:
16th September, Beverstone to Chavenage, bring a picnic. Chipping Sodbury WI also have a walking group, we have been invited if anyone would like to join them. Meeting on the Plain 10th September, going around Wickwar.

Book Group:
Reading “Secret River” by Kate Grenville, meeting at Jean Dowland’s house on 9th September at 8pm.

Cinema: a list on table.

The ACCW envelope was again circulated. Again Betty Salthouse asked for nominations to join the exciting committee. The committee is wanting some new nominees!!!!

Social Evenings:
If anyone has any suggestions, please see a committee member.

Christmas meal:
Any suggestions, this year it’s out of village. Date decided on is Tuesday 16th December 2014.

With business over Betty Salthouse introduced our evening speaker, John Parsons - Photography Put to Music. The vote of thanks was given by Margaret Plummer.

The flower of the month was won by Betty Salthouse, with a “Sweet Pea”.

The competition “Animal Antics Photograph” was won by Liz Howard, a cat in a basket.

The evening came to a close with tea, coffee and the raffle.



Record of the Meeting held on 1st July 2014
Our President, Betty Salthouse, welcomed members as well as a visitor, Mrs Jean Fly, a member of Glamorgan WI.

Minutes from the previous meeting was agreed and signed.

Federation: The report from Mrs. Jean Gardiner, delegate who attended the AGM at Leeds in June was read out.

Hilary Rogers attended the group meeting, but had to tell us that the Institute hosting the Autumn meeting didn’t attend therefore another meeting was to be arranged. She would report back after that meeting.

Betty Salthouse announced that there would be a “speakers corner” at Chipping Sodbury, although not till November, and wondered if someone would like to also attend. Angie Chilcott said she would like to go.

Book group: They’re reading Rosie’s Project, meeting at Jenny Harris’s for an “American Lunch” on 9th September at 12.30pm.

Walking group: Gill Truebody reported that on 15th July meeting at 10am walking Bodkin Hazel Wood and part of the 7mile plantation with lunch afterwards at The Beaufort.

Cinema: Anyone wanting to attend to make their own arrangements.

Pizza Evening: At Liz Howard’s on Tuesday 5th August. The cost to be £5 p/p and bring own wine or soft drinks, tea and coffee being provided.

A Show table meeting on 29th July @ 7.30pm at Gill Truebody’s house hopefully all is on track!

A poem entered by Margaret Plummer titled “What my WI mean’s to me” was read out by her. This has been entered in a competition. Good luck!!

Betty Salthouse gave a reminder that there was still some Denman Raffle tickets on sale.

The forthcoming WW1 tea party on 3rd August, our WI would be sponsoring all drinks served as well as the serving of.

With business over Betty Salthouse introduced Mrs. Pat Downs, who until recently own a flower shop in Chipping Sodbury. She provided us with lots of ideas as she demonstrated. She showed us how to tie a posy, a corsage and a table arrangement, these all then were put into the raffle.

After this very interesting meeting we finished off with tea, coffee and the raffle.

The flower of month was won by Christine Gamlin with a dahlia. Christine also won a button-hole competition with an orchid.



Record of the Meeting held on 3rd June 2014
Betty Salthouse welcomed Members to our annual Garden meeting, this year at Pauline and Colin Dixon’s farm at Severn View on the Common.

Minutes from the previous meeting were signed.

A short business meeting was held.

Walking group to meet on The Plain on Tuesday 24th June at 10am to walk around Wickwar. Lunch at the Buthay pub.

Federation Walk to be held on 11th June for a walk along the River Frome and Monks Pool.

Book Group to meet at Sue Hope’s Tuesday 10th June at 8pm, reading “The Silver Pigs” by Lindsay Davis.

Cinema: lists available.

Social Evening: Put in your diary “Pizza Evening” on Tuesday 5th August, please sign up, Liz Howard and Sam Allen the hosts. There will be choices to choose from at next month’s meeting.

Tea Party: This is to be on Sunday 3rd August 3-5pm at the Village Hall. This is the start of commemoration of the World War. There will be an Edwardian theme “the day before was broke out”. Gill Truebody is to be on the sub- committee. Our WI in charge of teas etc. more details to follow. Any memorabilia please contact Louise Roberts.

Betty Salthouse tried to encourage members to try for the Bursaries on offer at Denman College.

Diaries 2015: list available.

With business over members were encouraged to walk around the farm, looking at the sow and her 11 piglets, the sheep with their lambs as well as the chickens, ducks and geese, as well as the garden.

Members returned for their “American Supper”, teas and coffee with a quiz following.

The flower of the month chosen by Pauline Dixon was won by Judy Chancellor with a rose.

The evening then came to a close.



Record of the Meeting held on 6th May 2014
Betty Salthouse welcomed Members to the Meeting and the Minutes from the previous Meeting were signed as being correct.

The tea rota had been drawn and Wendy Weaver and Yvonne Bird had been selected.

National: It was confirmed that Jean Gardiner from Almondsbury WI had been chosen to represent us at the AGM in Leeds.

Federation: It was confirmed that Carol Blaken had sent the EGM Report on Weston to members. Members were reminded of the Group Competition in October for a cot blanket, knitted or crocheted, measuring 30” x 30”, or for those non knitters, a child’s birthday card. Also that any handicrafts for MSHED needed to be judged in our own Group between 1st February and 30th June.

Own Business: The sad news of Doris Dix’s death was confirmed and that her funeral had taken place at the Methodist Church. Also sadly Jean Cromack, Mother of Hazel Bleaken, had died. Gill Truebody confirmed she had attended both funerals on our behalf and sent cards to their relatives.

Show Table: A heart shaped jar had been found and a new lid acquired for the same.

Book Club: Reading “Shock of the Fall” by Nathan Filer, the next Meeting will take place at Pat Sherry’s home on 13th May at 7.30pm. Some of the Group will also visit Yate Library on 12th May for a talk given by the author.

Walking Group: Gill Truebody informed us that the next walk will take place on 27th May, leaving The Plain at 10.00am. Walking from Aust to Littleton upon Severn for approximately 5 miles. The ground would be mainly flat although muddy in parts with one steep climb, and a picnic and coffee should be brought along.

Bulb Orders: Members were asked to support this event and Lin Robinson would be organizing the orders. Although order forms were limited in number, photocopies could be supplied if needed.

An invitation had been received from Coalpit Heath Ladies Evening WI for 4th June at their Meeting at St Saviours Church Hall, Coalpit Heath. Only 10 places were available, and if necessary, a ballot would be arranged – Members needed to confirm their interest by 29th May.

Social Evenings: Liz Howard has kindly offered to host a “Pizza Evening” on 5th August and a list was supplied for members to sign if they wished to attend the evening.

Garden Meeting: Pauline Dixon would be hosting this evening down on The Common and it was suggested that Members share cars to ease the parking situation. Pauline will supply the chairs and the use of her urn, whilst |Members need to bring along a plate, spoon, knife, fork and a mug, plus a small plate of food for the American Supper. Anybody needing a lift to The Common should contact any Committee Member, and basic directions of how to find the farm were then given to Members.

Resolution: The Resolution was confirmed as being “Increasing Organ Donation” and Betty Salthouse read some interesting facts she had obtained from the Internet on the subject, and then told us about the extremely informative and interesting Resolution Meeting that she had attended. Especially listening to Kate, daughter of one of the WI Advisers, who worked at the hospital on the Transplant Team, and also about being a donor. Betty Salthouse then read the Resolution in full once more, and asked Members to vote. With one abstention, the remaining Members voted “For” the Resolution .

The Flower of the Month competition was won by Christine Gamlin.

There being no further business, our speaker Val Hurlston Gardiner was introduced.



Record of the Meeting held on 1st April 2014
Betty Salthouse welcomed members and guest, Shirley, Hilary Rogers friend.

Tea Rota drawn: Mary Beresford and Pam Bendry.

Minutes were approved and signed. The matters arising from them was that Sherston and Iron Acton WI’s had sent their thanks to us for the birthday party.

National: As yet we have not heard from the delegate that will be representing us at the AGM at Leeds. Lady Denman Cup Competition: A Poem on “What the WI means to me”. Deadline is August. Betty tried to encourage members to “have a go”. Entry fee would be paid by our funds.

Federation: An excellent Spring meeting at Crossbow House when we were really entertained by an excellent speaker. The Judge Advocate for the Forces, whose Aunty is a WI member. We were on the door with about 75 people attending.

The EGM at Weston, Betty gave a very brief report, we will email members with the full report with these minutes. There will be 1 more meeting at Weston and then they will be held in Thornbury in future as the costs are going up steeply.

The Show Table meeting held recently had some good input with Liz Howard coming up with a show with a difference---“Sweeny Todd”, get you’re thinking hats on!!

The recent trip to “Adam’s Farm” arranged by Chris Taylor was a great success, thanks to her. Apparently a lot of time was in the lambing shed, with a very informative shepherd. Four cars went.

Book group: The group reading Raven Black by Ann Cleaves, meeting at Sandra Bishop’s on 8th April at 8pm.

Walking group: walking in the Kinescope area from Hunters Hall. It will be led by Val Hurlstone-Gardiner on 15th April, which is about 5 miles.

Cinema: lists available.

Marshfield Quiz: Members Jenny Harris, Pat Sherry, Pat Seabrook and Barbara Harvey were our team which came 2nd out of 24 teams entered, well done.

The venue for the Garden meeting in June has been decided, Pauline Dixon’s farm on Inglestone Common.

AOB. Debbie Young is doing a piece for the new Village Book on the Village Markets, which was started by the WI and would like anyone with any little anecdotes or interesting stories to have a word with her.

With business over Betty introduced members to our speaker, Sandy Osborne, who is a Policewoman and Author. Her talk was about the Police Force and she related it to the book she wrote was roughly about her experiences. She brought with her some books that she sold and autographed.

The Flower competition was won by Betty Salthouse with a cowslip.

The meeting came to a close with tea, coffee and the raffle.



Record of the Meeting held on 4th March 2014
Betty Salthouse welcomed Donna Butcher, our Federation Chairman and visitors from Frampton Cotterell, Iron Acton, Coalpit Heath, Old Sodbury, Sherston and Chipping Sodbury WI’s to our birthday party. She thanked members for their contributions to the splendid buffet, especially Carol Blaken for making the cake and Hilary Rogers and Wendy Weaver for icing and decorating it.

There has been an invitation to the schools “Pledge Auction”.

The Spring meetings on Monday 17th March at Crossbow House, Frampton Cotterell, there are 3 tickets available.

There is a “Resolution meeting at Keynsham on April 14th. If there is someone willing to attend please see Betty Salthouse later. As Betty Salthouse cannot attend the AGM in Leeds, due to other commitments, this has been passed on to Almondsbury WI.

There is a planning meeting to discuss the “Show table” with the theme of a “Musical Show” on 25th March at 7.30pm at Di Deacon’s house (Silver Birches, Back Street, Hawkesbury Upton, 01454 238313) It will be for ½ hour before the usual committee meeting. All are welcome, please come and support this as well as bringing to the meeting plenty of ideas!

A very positive planning meeting took place with some good ideas to work on for the 2015 programme.

Book group: meeting on 11th March 8pm at Pat Seabrook’s house reading “Three day road” by Joseph Boyden.

Walking group: meeting on 18th March at 10am on the Plain, driving to Wendy Weaver’s, Beech Lane Farm, Starveal, followed by a local walk and then back to have packed lunch at Wendy’s. Wendy providing tea and coffee.
Federation Walk on Tuesday 8th April at Stanton Drew, Gill Truebody has details of lunch, £6.

Film group: lists available to sign.

The first Social Evening is to take place at Chris Taylor’s house in Hillesley. She has offered to do 2 sausage evenings, Tues. 18th and Thurs 20th March, 6 people per evening with a cost of £6, with people taking the made sausages home at the end, see Chris to sign up for. Hopefully more social evenings to follow!

The Federation trip to Coventry had only 2 tickets available, Gill Truebody and Hilary Rogers going.

Adam’s Farm: Chris Taylor has the list.

Jennifer Oldershaw, representing “Fair Trade” had a small table of things available.

With the business out of the way members “tucked in” to the buffet, while being accompanied by the entertainment from the “Jumping Chickens”. Later members joined in with the dancing.

Flower competition was won by Betty Salthouse with a primrose.

Raffle, tea, coffee and birthday cake. The meeting came to a close with the singing of “Jerusalem” accompanied by the “Jumping Chickens”.



Record of the Meeting held on 3rd February 2014
Betty Salthouse welcomed members to the meeting. The Tea rota was drawn with Jean Dowland and Pam Bendry in charge.

NFWI AGM. A delegate is needed from our WI to go to this meeting which is to be held in Leeds on June 7th. Betty Salthouse said that she would do it. She will be attend a meeting with the resolutions that are being voted on, then report back to us and 3 other WI’s in our group.

EGM at Weston.
A delegate from those going will be chosen and they then will report back to us.

The Avon News has slightly different format, members were to look through and see if there was anything they would like to take part in.

Our Business.
There is to be planning meeting to discuss 2015 programme, at Betty Salthouse, 30 Back Street on Monday 10th February at 7.30pm.
Book Group - Meeting on Tuesday 11th Feb. at Jean Dowland’s house reading “Restoration” by Rose Tremain.
Cinema - a list available, please sign if interested.
Walking group. Tuesday 18th Feb. meeting on Plain to then catch bus from Yate to Bristol .
Federation Walk -18th April is to Stanton Drew.
Show Table the theme was chosen by last year’s winner Rangeworthy WI, which is to be “A Musical Show”.
We have had an invitation from Sherston WI to their open meeting on April 17th to listen to Prue Leigh.
Marshfield WI has invited us to their annual quiz. Carol Blaken will email them to say we would be entering a team.
The food list for birthday party was circulated again. Members were asked if they had some time to help decorate the hall please be there at 3pm. Flowers etc would be very welcomed.
Chris Taylor was collecting names to go to Adam’s Farm.

Our meeting this month was a recipe swap evening. Some members had made some items, sweet and savoury, bringing them along for us to taste. There was a varied selection of goodies for us to taste. If members enjoyed them they could either take a copy or write it out themselves. During the evening Betty Salthouse had made up a “food quiz”. At the end of the evening points were given to the correct answers. Lin Robinson won , these points were put towards the competition results for the end of the year.

Flower Competition was won by Pat Seabrook.

The evening ended with the raffle, tea and coffee.



Record of the Meeting held on 7th January 2014
The President, Betty Salthouse welcomed everyone to the New Year’s meeting with a poem.
The tea rota names were drawn: Judy Chancellor and Kim Anderson.
The minutes were agreed and signed.

Betty Salthouse and members agreed on the enjoyable Christmas meal we had at the Beaufort Arms, although it was disappointing that only 19 members attended.

Avon News
Members were invited to browse the notices that were out, possibly entering the darts tournament!! There was an invitation by trustees for a member to attend a free day with lunch at various locations with the theme “Inspiring Women”.

Our Business
Betty Salthouse announced the sad passing of a past member, Mrs. Myrtle Penn, just after Christmas.
Subscriptions being taken tonight, £34.70p. Also any trips signed up for also need to be paid for. It has been suggested that we might bring back the very successful “social evenings”. Ideas were asked for: - A pizza evening, at someone’s home (pizzas from the Fox) casino evening, games evening, craft night. Perhaps members with other suggestions could get in touch with a committee member.
Those returning resolution slips to hand in to Carol Blaken, those who forgot if they can get them to her by 24/01/2014.

Walking Group
No walk in January, but the walk on February 18th will be in Bristol, Clifton, Brandon Hill and Docks, details next month.

Book Group
Meeting 15th Jan. at The Close, Tetbury at 1.15pm discussing “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn.
Jennifer Oldershaw would be emptying the “Book Box”, new books needed for next month.

Lists available. It was decided that those who put their names on the lists are responsible for paying for the ticket whether they are able to attend or not. Pat Seabrook will continue to book tickets.

Adam’s Farm Trip on 22nd March is being organized by Chris Taylor.

Birthday Party 4th March: A food list was sent round.

It was mentioned again that if anyone knew of a member who was ill and or in hospital it should be written in the attendance book so that a card can be sent on the W.I.’s behalf.

Liz Howard brought in the scrapbook for anyone to look at.

Next month’s meeting is a recipe swap. Members could bring with them something they have cooked, be it sweet or savoury, for tasting, with the recipe details. Members can copy or takeaway a copy. A number of members indicated they would bring something with them. It was suggested that members contact Carol Blaken so that the committee would know how many items may be coming. (24/01/14).

Our speaker for the evening was Mark Steeds. His topic, with the help of slides was “Reforming Women”. These were some of the women from the Bristol Area. The vote of thanks was given by Liz Howard.

The flower was won by Wendy Weaver.

The evening closed with tea, coffee and raffle.



Record of the Meeting held on 3rd December 2013
Members were welcomed to the Christmas meeting.
The Minutes from the previous meeting were agreed and signed.
A December newsletter was emailed to members, with a few hard copies for other members to read, with forthcoming events.
The Denman Draw was drawn with Jennifer Oldershaw winning.
Members were reminded of the Christmas meal at The Beaufort on Wed. 11th Dec. 7-7.30pm sit down.

The business to appoint a President took place. Wendy Weaver nominated Betty Salthouse. Everyone agreed as there were no other nominations, she agreed. Betty Salthouse then took over proceedings.

An in-house meal had been organized with some members providing the meal. On the menu was beef casserole, chicken casserole and a vegetarian option, vicar’s mash and peas with mince tart and cream for dessert.
During the courses members took part in the entertainment.
         Betty Salthouse, with a reading.
         Kim Anderson, with a magic trick.
         Chris Taylor, with a “Mary Berry” double !!!
         Gill Truebody, with a reading.
         Liz Howard and Jenny Harris with a reading.
         Liz Howard’s rendition of Cinderella backwards.

Gill Truebody presented a voucher to Barbara Harvey for her time as President.

Barbara Harvey judged the flower and competition entries. Christine Gamlin won with the Flower and Betty Salthouse won with the competition. These points were added to the year’s total.
Gill Truebody won the Flower and Betty Salthouse won with the competition.

The evening finished with coffee, tea and raffle.



Record of the Meeting held on 5th November 2013
Barbara Harvey welcomed everyone to the meeting. She pointed out the Fire exits etc.
Tea draw took place with Judy Wilkie and Margaret Tunswell on duty. Members were asked if they would prefer to have mugs instead of the cups and saucers, members agreed. These would be purchased in the New Year.
Minutes were agreed and signed.

Again the Bursary list was circulated. The draw to take place at December’s meeting.

Barbara Harvey and Carol Blaken’s names were mentioned in this month’s magazine. (Avon News).
Positive feedback came from the recent Group meeting. We were thanked for providing the table decorations. It was announced that the Spring Rally would be held on 17th March 2014. It was announced that Coalpit Heath WI Carol Service would be held on 18th December at 7.30pm as St. Saviours. Chipping Sodbury WI Carol Service would be held on 11th Dec.

Our Business:
Book group at Sandra Bishop’s at 8pm on 12th Nov. reading “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”.

Walking group:
Barbara Harvey thanked Liz Howard for organizing the previous walk to Malvern, also for giving those who walked lots of interesting facts. This month’s walk would be on 19th Nov. meeting at the plain to go to Old Sodbury car park and walk around Old Sodbury and Chipping Sodbury. Lunching at a pub.

Lists available for forthcoming films.

Christmas meal:
Menu selection available, members to choose, Dec.11th 7 for 7.30 sit down. Price £13.50, please pay Gill Truebody asap.

The December meeting on 3rd Dec. we are looking for members to provide the entertainment. We are also looking for volunteers to cook casseroles. Those coming forward were Wendy Weaver, Melanie Gibbs, Jenny Harris and Mary Beresford, Liz Howard. Gill Truebody had some recipes.

Following the Business meeting we continued with the Annual Meeting.

Proceedings started with the Secretary’s report. This was proposed by Barbara Harvey and seconded. Gill Truebody handed out the Financial report. She went through it briefly. Questions were answered.
Gill Truebody proposed that Peter Kerby audit the accounts in 2014, everyone agreed.
The President, Barbara Harvey, gave her report. At the end she told members that she would be standing down due to personal commitments. M embers were very sad. Pat Sherry took over proceedings which were for the formation of the committee. Those left on the committee were still going to stand, which now only consists of 7 members as no other members came forward. This would leave the present committee very “stretched”! At the meeting no-one came forward to be President, members were asked to think very hard if they would consider it. For the rest of the meeting Barbara Harvey carried on.



Record of the Meeting held on 1st October 2013
Gill Truebody welcomed everyone as Barbara Harvey was away.
Tea rota names were drawn: Jenny Harris and Wendy Peacock.
Minutes were agreed and signed.

Gill announced that Barbara Harvey and Carol Blaken had won a National and Federation Bursary of £300. Barbara’s poem was read out.

The AGM at Weston was held last month and Pat Sherry was our delegate. She was also going to mention the “Bursary” winners but Gill “stole her thunder”. Pat gave a short report of what went on. She also told members that Carol collected the Kurling trophy that we had won earlier in the year. The morning speaker was from “Keep Britain Tidy”, which was a 1954 resolution and is still going today. After lunch the main speaker was Pippa Greenwood from Gardeners World.

The Federation Quiz also held last month, our team being placed equal 3rd from 40 teams.
Congratulations to those who took part, Jenny H, Pat S, Pat S, and Sue H.

Our Business:
Book Group meeting 15th October at 8pm at Sue Hope’s, reading “The Snow Child” by Eowyn Ivey.
Walking Group: Liz Howard will be taking a group to Malvern, catching the train from Yate. Walkers meeting on “the Plain” at 8.30am. Cost being approx. £10.
Cinema /Theatre: lists available.
The hat and scarf was entered in a “silent auction” member to put their bid in an envelope and would be announced at the end of the evening. Sue Hope won it.

It was announced that the committee would be needing some new members to join. Anyone wanting to join to please see Gill Truebody or any of the other committee members. We are in desperate need of “new faces”, with new ideas.

A list was sent round for this year’s Bursary prize. Those who have already received one should not apply.

November’s meeting is a “bring and buy” sale with proceeds going to “Paul’s Place”, which is where the guest speaker is coming from.

A volunteer was asked for to lay the Poppy Wreath, this was accepted by Sue Webb. Those who ordered WI Diaries, please collect.

Caroline Cocker thanked everyone for her voucher. She had asked Pat Seabrook to pass it on and that she was enjoying her move, although very busy with her new job in a Lincoln hospital pharmacy she’s settling in away from the village.

It was announced that Audrey Macarthy and Doris Chappel, long term members of the WI were in hospital and hoped that “get well cards” had been sent. Although we didn’t know and will be sorted out it would be helpful if the committee is told, as it can be sorted at the right time.

Names of those wanting to attend the Xmas meal to be put on the list, details to follow.

With business over Gill introduced the guest speaker as Sue Duggan on “Cake Decorating”. This was a hand on demonstration with everyone having a go, of which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. All decorated cakes were judged with Kim Anderson winning.

Flower of the month was won by Pauline Cochrane with a dahlia.



Record of the Meeting held on 3rd September 2013
Barbara Harvey welcomed everyone, especially Penny Lacy’s Sister-in-law and Kim’s Mum.
Barbara also informed members that Caroline Cocker was leaving the committee and our WI as she was moving to Lincoln.
The tea draw was drawn Penny Lacy and Margaret Plummer was selected.
Minutes were agreed and signed.

A discussion on the “Denman Survey” was held, following results in WI Life pg. 31. “Should we, a) worry, b) help.
Some of our thoughts:
      a) perhaps open courses to non-members.
      b) possibly put “ads” in specialist magazines.
      c) maybe discount if 2 or more members attend.
Some of the other points were:
      a) very expensive, although some compare to others held elsewhere, but in the current economic climate the courses are a luxury with some people having to cut back.
      b) travelling distance, although we are closer than some.

Subscriptions are to rise to £34.70, an increase of £1.70.
The “Coins for friendship” envelope was sent round.

AGM at Weston-s-Mare on 24th September. There are spare tickets available.
Federation Quiz 27th September. One more team member needed! Sue Hope to be contacted.
Group Rally tickets on 23rd October available for £4. Pat Seabrook has the tickets.

Our Business:
Book group on 10th September @ Pat Seabrook’s reading The Merchant’s House by Kate Ellis.
Cinema trips lists are available.
Walking group meeting on the “Plain” on 17th September walking to Grickstone and the Seven Mile with lunch at the Beaufort.
Next month’s (October) walk will be catching a train from Yate to Malvern on 22/10/13.
Horton walking festival 27-29 September. Gill Truebody will be leading the walk on 29th.
Hawkesbury Show. Barbara thanked all who took part, Betty, Liz, Penny, Gill, Carol and Judy, for the show table entry. We came 3rd. Betty’s flower arrangement especially as she scored 20/20, well done.
Also Liz, Hilary, Penny, Gill and Barbara for the carnival entry.
It was decided that at next month’s meeting members would be encouraged to hold a “silent auction” for the scarf and hat.
Christmas meal has been booked for Wed. 11th Dec. at the Beaufort, details to follow.

Our Guest Speaker was Terry Merrett Smith - “Movie Musical Memories”.

Flower of the month was won by Christine Gamlin.

Raffle and refreshments finished the evening.



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