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Join Us
When?On the first Tuesday of each month (except August) at 7.30pm.
Where?In Hawkesbury Upton Village Hall.
How?Just come along! Visitors are always welcome; or, if you would like an introduction to what we do go to the Information page.
Members pay an annual 39.00 (2017) subscription.
Who?We welcome all women; we have about 50 members of all ages, interests and backgrounds.
What?Our usual programme is a business session, a speaker and a social session.
Why?Members usually first join for friendship, then soon discover all the other opportunities that WI membership brings.
photo of Hawkesbury Monument.
photo of Hawkesbury Monument..
photo of Hawkesbury Monument.
Hawkesbury and Horton WI
Join Us
Committee Members

Our committee is elected by the members each year and meets each month to organise WI activities for them.
     President Janet Porter
     Vice President TBA
     Treasurer Julia Sainsbury
     Assistant Treasurer Jean Shewry
     Secretary Carol Blaken
     Assistant Secretary Jean Shewry
Diane Deacon
Linda Robinson
Hilary Rogers
Pat Seabrook
Wendy Weaver
Why our members come to WI photo of members on the carnival float

"The WI offers opportunities for all women to enjoy friendship, to learn, to widen their horizons and together to influence local, national and international affairs"....
                                    ......as the WI Mission Statement says.

In fact many of our members start coming simply for the fun of it and to make new friends; what keeps them coming is that they can make whatever they choose of the opportunities they find. Many of our members simply enjoy the opportunity for companionship, having fun, laughing and making new friends; others enjoy learning new things, developing talents, widening their horizons, visiting new places and being creative. Some want to make a difference in our community and find they can work together with other like minded WI members to achieve common aims; they find a networking opportunities at WI and enjoy being part of an organisation that gets things done, with professionalism and in a supportive atmosphere. Some particularly find they grow their self confidence, organisational and management skills through being a committee member. Whatever their interests our members find they have the support of friends and a safe space where they belong. It's the place to be and there's something for everyone.

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